Feel like getting work done extra early at work? You’ll have flexible work hours for that.

Work From Home

Have a set number of work from home credits, and use it when you feel productive doing work at home.

Paid Holidays

There are over 15 holidays in the Philippines. You wouldn't want to miss out on those!

Paid Vacation Leave

Even the busiest workaholics need a break sometimes. Take advantage of your paid vacation leave credits.

Paid Sick Leave

Have a set number of sick leaves which you can use if you’re feeling under the weather.

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Moms and Dads will be able to have their time off to care for their loved ones.

Medical / Health Insurance

As the saying goes, health is wealth - so here's some medical insurance!

Free snacks

Hungry for a snack? Our pantry is always loaded with goodies. Plus… Freenom Fridays!