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Accelerate your registration process with Onsite by ThinkBIT Events.

Experience a fast, efficient and hassle-free registration process.

  • App usage for one event per day
  • Personalized cover and greeting
  • Customizable fields
  • Searchable participants
  • Real-time attendee count

Personalized for your event needs

Transform your event’s registration experience by adding these.


Nametag printer

Mini stand

Floor stand

Customized sticker

Need any of these?

Other Features & Services

Make your event more exciting with these other offers!

Signature Capture

Have your guests authenticate their registration with a signature.

QR Code Scanning

Easily identify and register your guests by allowing them to scan their unique QR code.

Selfie Feature

Make your event more memorable by taking your guests’ photos.

On-Site Support

Ensure a smooth flow during registration with a professional support team.

Landing Page

Let your guests view your website right after they register.

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Raffle System

Go digital with a raffle system customized for you.

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Data Consent Forms

Assure your guests that their data will be protected and only be used for the event.


Have a group of model usherettes to facilitate your registration.

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