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drive revenue with PPC.

PPC Management is the service of providing pay-per-click advertising from planning to
optimization. It’s a recommended service for businesses that don’t have the required resources
for effectively running PPC ads or those that want to elevate their performance by working with
certified pay-per-click experts.

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Why PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) isn’t always the first option you hear when it comes to digital marketing strategy. Businesses just use free alternative like Facebook and Instagram posts and call it their digital marketing strategy. But how effective is this in getting you sales? Most people miss the fact that PPC is a necessity when attracting serious customers that actually buy your products and services.

Attract more potential customers

Attract more potential customers

Google attracts 3.5 billion searches per day making it the largest search engine by a large margin. (Google). Google Ads gets you ahead of the competition to help you reach your customers before your competitors do.

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Stay local or go global

Sell your products and services globally to the right audience geography. Reach potential customers around your business or broadcast your ads to target cities, regions or countries - whatever works for you.

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Reach your target market

Focus on the people looking for your products & services. PPC gives you the flexibility to target broad or specific terms to get the exact customer you want to reach.

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Be on top of the competition

Capture your audience before your competitors do. Pay-per-click search advertising lets your brand be seen among the top searches, which is a necessity nowadays since customers usually only click on top search results.

Why ThinkBIT?

Effective PPC strategy is the secret to getting the best return on investment for your ads — the main goal of most digital campaigns. With this in mind, our team of PPC specialists are always finding ways to get the best results out of your ads with a proven and effective framework of strategizing and executing your PPC campaigns from keyword research to optimization.

Our performance by the numbers

We give your campaign the utmost care with continuous monitoring and proactive optimization that drive results. Click-through rate determines how often you get clicks while conversion rate determines how often customers make an online purchase or a sales inquiry on your website after clicking on your ad. Below are our pay-per-click performance numbers compared with industry averages.

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“94% of keywords bring no results whatsoever. It’s essential to run Google Ad campaigns proactively and knowledgeably to get the best possible return on investment.”

Industry standard
CTR performance for all industries
CTR performance for ecommerce
Google Search Ads conversion rate
Bing Search Ads conversion rate